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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Free Crazy Cat Character "fully rigged"

This is one of my first characters. The textures that appears in the video are lost (as all my textures) so I made a cool new Metallica t shirt texture.
In the rar file there is two versions of the cat:
crazycat00.max is veeeeery old, so it will work with almost every version of 3dmax with less than 10 years old but it has some UV problems(really easy to fix):
in crazycat01.max this problems are solved but is made with 3dmax 2012 and saved like a 3dmax 2010 version(I don't know how it works).

The character is "fully rigged"(the quotation marks are because it is rigged with the biped) it has some expressions made with morpher modifier.
Have fun!!

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  1. I like how fluid his movements are! Just wish he was a little closer inside the frame. I found your blog through the LinkedIn group discussions and thought I would stop by. :)